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Flexi Care Inc. Home Care packages are provided around Consumer Directed Care (CDC) principles with goal setting incorporating a wellness, reablement and restorative approach.

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The Flexi Care Inc. goal-setting approach is designed to assist clients to stay involved in their everyday activities, supporting them to set achievable goals.


Our approach includes:


  • Strength based assessments
  • Goal orientated care planning
  • Informed access to allied health services
  • Negotiating strategies to rebuild individuals’ capacity
  • Information about aids and equipment that will assist independence
  • Client participation
  • Strengthening social support and reconnecting clients with interests and activities outside the home


Under Consumer Directed Care (CDC) you will have an individual budget for your care and you will be able to have greater choice about which services you receive, when you receive them and who provides them.


You will be provided with a budget which will show you how much Flexi Care Inc. received from the Government for your package, your fee contribution and the cost of the services that you are receiving.


The budget will also show how much is provided to Flexi Care Inc. for the cost of the administration and care coordination required to manage your budget. These costs are outlined in the Government’s Home Care Package guidelines.


Home Care Packages are tailored to support older people and people with a disability to maintain independence. The packages are tailored to provide professional specialised care for all our clients enabling them to continue to live in their own homes.


The packages are:

  • Provided on a Consumer Directed Care basis.
  • Very flexible and designed to meet the client’s care needs.
  • Funded by the Commonwealth Government to ensure high quality care.
  • Flexi Care Inc. is able to put Brokerage Agreements in place.


To find out more information regarding Flexi Care Inc.’s HCP program and if you are in our services area, please call 07 3422 8400 and ask to speak to the Case Manager, or email us at info@flexicareinc.org.au



Home Care Package Services:

Flexi Care Inc, through their friendly and highly skilled staff and volunteers, supports people to remain in their own homes by offering flexible and innovative goal orientated services. These include:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene (e.g. bathing, dressing and grooming).
  • Medication assistance and prompts
  • Shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • In-home respite carers
  • Maintenance housekeeping (e.g. laundry, vacuuming, dusting)
  • Transport to and from appointments (e.g. medical)
  • Culturally sensitive support
  • Volunteer services
  • And many more; as negotiated with the client.


Who is eligible for a home care package?

The Australian Government subsidizes many different types of aged care services.  These aged care packages and programs are there to help you stay as independent as you can, including living in your own home. Each program or package has broad eligibility criteria and an assessment process to determine your needs and eligibility. An assessment process helps to ensure everyone receives the care and support they need.


For example, if you need some help at home you will need to meet eligibility requirements for a particular service. These requirements might include a minimum age and a decreased ability to perform basic daily living tasks without some extra help. The assessment will determine your eligibility and identify exactly how much and what type of help you will need.


If you would like to know if you are eligible to receive a HCP, please contact the My Aged Care Team (ACAT) via the My Aged Care Website www.myagedcare.gov.au or phone on 1800 200 422.

What happens when I am approved for a home care package?

My Aged Care will give you information and discuss with you options to help you make informed choices about the services you can receive.

You may request Flexi Care Inc. to provide the Services.


What happens when you choose Flexi Care?
Since 1992, Flexi Care Inc. has been supporting older people and people with a disability to maintain independence enabling them to continue to live in their own homes.


When you choose Flexi Care Inc. to provide your home care package services, you will be offered a written agreement which clearly sets out your rights and responsibilities.


You will also be provided with a written agreed care plan of the services you will receive and a Flexi Care Inc. Case Manager will:

  • Visit you annually for a formal review
  • Regularly review your situation to make sure the services you receive are meeting your needs, and
  • Monitor the delivery of those services.

What are my rights if I receive a home care package?

You will have choice and control in the way that your home care package is used to support your needs. This includes:

  • Being involved in deciding which care services are the most appropriate for your needs, including developing your care plan.
  • Having services that take account of your lifestyle, cultural and religious preferences.
  • Being treated with dignity and having
  • your privacy respected.
  • Sharing any of your concerns with Flexi Care Inc. about the services you receive without fear of losing services or being disadvantaged in any way.
  • Continue to manage your own life by having control over the care and support you receive
  • Provision of individual budgets
  • You can choose a person to speak on your behalf for any reason (e.g. an advocate) alternatively, you can contact the Aged Care Complaints Scheme or phone: 1800 550 552.

For more details on Flexi Care’s home care package service locations and eligibility, please contact us, or call on 07 3422 8400. 



Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

CDC is a way of delivering services that allows consumers to have greater control over their own lives by enabling them to make choices about the types of care and services they access and the delivery of those services, including who will deliver the services and when. Under a CDC approach, consumers are encouraged to identify goals, which could include independence, wellness and reablement. These will form the basis of the Home Care Agreement and care plan.


The client decides the level of involvement they wish to have in managing their package, which could range from involvement in all aspects of the package, including co-ordination of care and services, to a less active role in decision-making and management of the package. There will also be ongoing monitoring and a formal re-assessment by Flexi Care Inc. (at least every 12 months) to ensure that the package continues to be appropriate for the client.


The following principles for the operation and delivery of CDC packages have been adapted from the Home Care Package Guidelines:

Consumer Choice and Control

Clients have managed their own lives for a long time. They will be able to continue to manage their own lives by having control over the care and support they receive. This requires the provision of, and assistance to access, information about all of the possible options that enable clients to build a package that supports them to live the life they want.



Access to Home Care services is based on assessed need and the availability of a home care package. CDC acknowledges a client’s right (based on their assessed needs and goals) to the individualised services and support that will assist them.

Respectful and Balanced Partnerships

The development of respectful and balanced partnerships between clients and Flexi Care Inc., which reflects the rights and responsibilities of each party, is absolutely crucial to consumer control and empowerment. Part of creating such a partnership is to determine the level of control the client wants to exercise. This will be different for every individual with some requiring or wanting assistance and others choosing to manage on their own. This may also vary over time in non-linear ways.


Clients have the ongoing right and opportunity to work with Flexi Care Inc. in the design, implementation, and monitoring of a CDC approach. Engaging clients in the organisational service redesign to deliver CDC will have positive results for both parties.


Community and civic participation are important aspects for well being. CDC in aged care supports the removal of barriers to participation for older people.

Wellness and Reablement

CDC packages are be offered within a restorative or reablement framework to enable the client to be as independent as possible, potentially reducing the need for ongoing and/or higher levels of service delivery.

Many people enter the aged care system at a point of crisis. Such situations may require the initial provision of services designed to address the immediate crisis. However, there will always be an assumption that the older person can regain function and independence with reablement services being offered at a time that suits/supports the individual circumstances.


Under a CDC system, clients have the right to use their budgets to purchase the services they choose. To make informed decisions about their care, older people need to have access to budgeting information, including the cost of services, the contents of their individualised budgets and how their package funding is being spent.

Should the need arise, you may be referred to other service providers if Flexi Care Inc. can no longer meet your care needs.


Are there any fees for these services?

This will depend on your income. From 1st July 2014, the Federal Government introduced income testing for home care packages.

The amount you will need to contribute towards your home care package will be determined by the Department of Human Services income assessment.

The fee determined by the Department of Human Services that people are required to pay includes:

  • A daily care fee, and
  • An income tested fee (if you are not a full Australian pensioner).

Through our staff and volunteers, we provide flexible, caring services that assist and encourage older people and people with a disability to maintain independence and remain at home.

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