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Commonwealth Home Support Program comprises packages of care individually tailored to meet the needs of each client.

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CHSP (formally HACC) provides a flexible, responsive service that encourages and empowers the client to maintain control over their lives and to continue living in their own homes.


How does CHSP work?


Clients will contact “My Aged Care” who will assess and refer to Service Providers such as Flexi Care Inc.


Flexi Care Inc.’s case managers will talk to each client and/or their carer to create a goal orientated care plan, that has a wellness and reablement approach, to enable and assist the client to remain living in their own home as long as possible.


Services are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure the care provided is appropriate to meet the needs of the client.


Who can use CHSP?

This program provides general home care services for Commonwealth Home Support (CHSP) eligible people who are over 65 (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).

Frail older people and their carers can access the service to assist them to live in their own home independently.


Our services cover the CHSP geographical catchment area of Brisbane South.


To find out more information regarding Flexi Care Inc.’s CHSP program and if you are in our services area, please call 07 3422 8400 and ask to speak to a Case Manager, or email us at info@flexicareinc.org.au


What services are offered through CHSP?

Services and care can be made up of a combination of the following:

– Home care: meal preparation, personal care, attending to mail, maintenance and housekeeping.

– Respite: carer support, companionship, friendly visits.

– Shopping/transport: escorts to appointments, shopping, banking.

– Social support: outings

– Information: discussing your options and any concerns you may have and planning for your future.


What costs are involved with CHSP?

$10.00 per hour. Clients are informed of the cost of their service and are asked to contribute towards this cost. This may change from time to time as per funding requirement.


Please Note: Flexi Care Inc. is a compassionate community organisation working to enhance quality of life for residents in the community and you will not be denied a service you need because you cannot afford to pay.

Please call 07 3422 8400 and ask to speak to the Case Manager.


Who can refer a client to CHSP?

– Yourself (ie the person requesting service)

– relatives

– neighbours

– friends

– carers

– doctors

– Regional Assessment Services – referrals will be through My Aged Care call centre or website

– social workers; or

– other community workers


Can everyone be helped using CHSP? 

Not always. Some clients need very intensive and/or specialised care where a nursing home or hostel may provide more suitable care for these people.  Other clients may need a Home Care Package.


Clients who need only a little support may already be receiving services which meet all their needs.

For more details on areas and eligibility, please contact Flexi Care Inc. Click here

Through our staff and volunteers, we provide flexible, caring services that assist and encourage older people and people with a disability to maintain independence and remain at home.

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